Quick Fix

Reiki is not always the quick fix.  Like most everything else in life we expect the quick fix.   Is anything really a quick fix?

As my practice continues to grow I still amaze at the progress of clients.  Some can have one session and have a “break through”.   Those clients were just on the precipice and “ready” for release.  Just yesterday afternoon I had three clients.  The first one was “blown away”, saw visions of his mom.  Later in the session he had an emotional release of trauma still being held in his body.  These types of releases are not unusual in a Reiki session.  The next two were full of expectation.

If you expect this kind of ah-ha  moment from the first session and don’t receive it, please don’t be discouraged.  It may be one session it may be multiple sessions.  You can be sure that Reiki is a gentle and loving flow of energy to benefit you in your own personal journey.

It is best to come to Reiki with no expectation.  Allow the energy to flow through you without the obstruction of expectations.  It will work expectation or not…but from personal experience if you over think instead of receive you miss out on the experience.  Stay present and be patient.  Allow the Reiki energy to relax, balance and release any chronic or acute condition you may be facing.  All on your time schedule and for your highest good.

Just for today.