VooDoo, Woo Woo, Nonsense?

Reiki may seem strange to you, maybe like voodoo or woo woo or nonsense, but really it just means Universal life force.  Every thing has energy.  Some times we feel like we have a lot of energy and other times we feel completely drained.  This is not our imagination.  We even speak of people as energizing or draining.  Just walking into a large group you can sense the energy and it may feel great or it may make you turn around and get out as quickly as possible.  This is all energy.

I can help you bring balance and tranquility back to your mind, body and spirit with a Reiki session.  Try it and have that ah ha moment.  Call me to schedule an appointment to improve your peace, balance and tranquility.

For more information on Reiki research please visit the Center for Reiki Research