Healing Happens

Healing happens on many levels.  Mind, body and spirit.  Many of us seek healing of our physical body.  If you stub your toe, or get a sunburn, or a paper cut for example these are logically part of your physical body.   Some symptoms and illnesses begin in the emotional, mental and spiritual plane.  You hear a lot about how stress can cause physical illness.  It is a scientific fact.  Stress is a symptom which begins in the emotional or mental body and manifests itself into physical illness.  Wouldn’t it make sense to prevent these physical manifestations?  It is of course possible.  Reiki relieves the symptoms of stress and brings balance to the energy of the emotional, mental and spiritual body.  With regular Reiki treatments you give yourself the opportunity to heal. Healing happens with your participation.  I am here to help facilitate your happening.  Let’s talk.