15 minutes of Reiki

It never ceases to amaze me how 15 minutes can make someone a believer in Reiki.  Once a month I share the gift of Reiki to the public at The Southwest Institute of Healing Arts.  Let me share two examples of how just 15 minutes of Reiki can make a difference.

One individual told me she suffered from Fibromyalgia.  She laid upon the massage table and I noticed the temperature of her forehead.  It was hot. So I inquired, she confirmed that she was always hot.  She tried Reiki once before many years ago and felt that it helped her Fibromyalgia symptoms.  Soon after we began the reiki session, within the first 5-10 minutes, I noticed her body temperature had cooled significantly.  I asked her if she had noticed the same and once again she replied, “yes”.  We were both pleasantly surprised.

The next person I worked with had never received Reiki and this was a brand new experience.  I could sense her apprehension.  I began to work starting up at her head and worked my way down towards her feet.  Usually while I work on someone they get a profound state of peace and ease.  Some times they begin to slumber.  She was not falling into this state and I remember thinking to myself, maybe this isn’t working for her… then as she rose from the table she gave me some beautiful feedback about her first experience.  She said as I touched her feet she felt her heart open up and her chest expand. A beautiful experience for her first Reiki session.

There were many other experiences.  One person had a heavy heart and a was facing indecisiveness in her life, another had been told that they needed chakra balancing.   It matters not what brings you to Reiki as long as you come.